Dilemmas Of The Night

Lying in the darkness,
Eyes wide open,
I can’t stand it.
I can’t sleep, It’s 3:27am.

The eery silence is quieter than usual,
One thousand brutal thoughts running through my head.

My kids are all sleeping somewhere else tonight,
Arguments last night… I hate that.
I’m alone, locked in the prison of my own head, I need to find the key.

Desperate clients but I can’t make them all happy, no matter how hard I try.

I have lost 9kgs but still feel fat. Fifty four years old soon, how did that happen?

My body wants rest but it’s too late.
My mind’s running way too fast, please stop.

Wow! Life never stops…

Or does it ?

Always the next thing to do, I get up and train.
Is it already that time?
Can I have today off? No! There are no days off.
Get up and wash away the night.

PS: who just wrote that… was it really me?


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