Know Your Numbers

Would you go to the football if there wasn’t a scoreboard? I mean, why would you want to watch people in coloured jumpers kick a pigskin between two large sticks if there was no way to tell who wins. You just wouldn’t do it. So why do people run their businesses without a scoreboard?

People are so busy working to provide products and services, yet they have no idea if they are making money or not. This is the definition of insanity! Most people have no idea how much money they even want to make.

Do you know how much money you want to make this financial year? If you don’t, then why are you in business?

The reason we are in business is to make a profit. And to successfully fulfil this goal we must keep overheads low and make good margins on our products and services. However, most people don’t have a clue about their numbers. Remember your numbers don’t lie, they tell the story of your whole business.

Don’t rely on your accountants, they are no help when it comes to knowing your numbers or helping you move your numbers in the right direction. They wait until after the fact and are useless as tits on a bull if you ask me.

If you want to know about running your business properly I will put you in touch with a man that will change the way you think about your numbers and help you transform your whole business.

Send me a message and I’ll connect you!

Don’t go another day in business not knowing your numbers or you may as well run it with a blindfold on and throw your money away.

Much Respect

Rohan Merry

Beyond Expectations Painting Masters


m: 0417398504


Writer: Rohan Merry

Editor: Ben Roberts

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