8 Places To Look Before Selling Your House

Get rid of all your stuff…

GET RID OF THIS JUNK! It fills up your house and make your home feel claustrophobic.
It also presents your home in the worst possible way.

When you sell your house, nobody wants to see your stuff.
I would definitely use a staging company to hire quality pieces that look great and make the best use of the space.

Given that you are selling your home this is the perfect chance to get rid of your stuff, here are the places I would start to look…

1: The Pantry its always full of crap.

The Cajun spice with a use-by date of 1997, your Grandmothers platters you are saving for your kids when you die.
As if they want this stuff, your Mix Master from 1972 that still works (Big Deal) and there will be a shit load of out of date food
you can’t be bothered throwing out. Not too mention the old shitty food stained Tupperware.

2: Your Dresser

The 32 platters you have stuffed in the bottom drawer of your kitchen cupboard, the 6 sets of cutlery you just can’t throw out,
272 pieces of crockery that you need incase you have guests over, 21 Vases and 5 Punch Bowl sets.

3: Kitchen Drawers

This is a wonderful place to look. Top drawer: 29 forks, 27 Knives and 46 spoons that are all over 20 years old.

2nd drawer: 6 wooden spoons, 4 egg beaters, 9 serving spoons, need I go on?

3rd Drawer: 3 hammers, 27 batteries, a set of pliers, 4 packs of picture hooks, 3 rolls of tape a set of screws and 4 tubes of glue.

4th Drawer: 22 tea towels, 4 rolls of baking paper, 5 rolls of glad wrap
Why the hell to we need all this stuff?

5th drawer: The cables from 1980‘s that you will never use and the 6 double adapters and the plastic bags full of plastic bags.

6th drawer: 67 towels… Really, why does anyone need so many towels? Even the ripped ones are still here.
Do you have 15 showers a day? Use your brain, no one needs so many bloody towels. 22 Doona Covers, that’s funny, there are only 4 people in your house, you can probably throw the old ones out…. dont you think?

4: The walls

Yeah the 212 teaspoons you collected on your trips in different towns, the art work you think is cool that looks like I painted it when I had hair in 1981!
Old photos in poxy old frames that make your joint look old. Get rid of all this stuff.

5: Ornaments:

This is another world for funny shaped shit you have collected over the years from shops and garage sales and you thought it would look good on the table next to the couch in 1972. Yeah, that crap and its still bloody there. There is only one place for this shit. It’s called a Skip bin.

6: The Wardrobes:

This is a fucking scary place to look everyone. This is also where fantasies happen. You know what I mean? You still have the dress you wore in 1989 that you think you looked great in. The problem is, that was 37 kgs ago and as long as your arse points to the ground you will never fit into again! Throw it all out, if you don‘t throw it out, then your kids will do it 2 weeks after you pass away so do it now, you need the space.

7: Sentimental Stuff

All the sentimental stuff you have hoarded over the years like your Great Grandfathers books that you have never and will never read, and your Mothers Grand Mothers clothes that you are saving to give to your granddaughter. Your school reports from 1955 you want to pass down and fill up your daughters house. Really, why are people attached to this stuff? It doesn’t mean anything. You just make up a story that allows you to justify keeping old things from the relatives in your life. It actually doesn’t do anything but fill up your house.

8: The Shed:

Holy shit! Tools from the dinosaur era kept just in case you might need them. A few trailers, a boat, maybe an old car and a caravan. 8 x 44 gallon drums because they are great for storing shit. That’s funny, we have shed to store our shit in and then we put boxes and drums to store more shit. Then we pretend they are in some sort of order when in actual fact, the shed is full of junk that should have been thrown out years ago.

In summary:

Human beings have become addicted to buying stuff, that they don’t need or even want because they have the space to put things. Houses have become places to store stuff.
The point of a house is to live in. To feel freedom, not packing it with shit from the shops you have become attached too.

So if you are selling your house or want to live with more freedom, order a skip and throw away this crap!

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