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Tell The Truth 

Rohan Merry is an entrepreneur from Geelong, Victoria. He runs his own Painting business called “Beyond Expectations Painting Masters” where he and his teams of tradesmen transform homes from ordinary to extraordinary before they are put on the market to be sold.

In his spare time he enjoys writing about many different aspects of his life and also coaching budding entrepreneurs on how to sell their products or services, in a way that holds integrity.

You will read pieces written about relationships, marketing and sales, mental health, physical health, how to better yourself as a person, motivational issues and many other topics.
Rohan writes about everything he see’s and experiences, whether this be something he discovers on his 10k walk every morning, whilst lying in bed at 3am, whilst eating dinner with his family, whilst reading books, the list of inspirations are endless for him. 

The name ‘Tell The Truth’ comes from Rohan’s main motto in life, which is, Tell The Truth. He believes in karma and the fact that dishonesty brings bad karma. Dishonesty, causes you to live with that lie for the rest of your life, once your lie gets out in the world it impacts everyone. We all have a choice, always choose the truth.

In this blog Rohan wants to explore his truths, he wants everything out on the table so that you can learn from his life and his experiences.

There are many sides to a person and Rohan is willing to take off his looking good mask and be vulnerable and talk about what doesn’t work as well in his life.

He truly hopes you enjoy reading his work and that you benefit from the material that you read 

Main writer- Rohan Merry 

Editor- Ben Roberts 

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