The Comparison Machine

Thinking of the present moment is weird because it takes me into the past to compare something to the now. So how can I be present in the past?

It’s kind of like comparing Mum to Dad, it’s bullshit. So how can I be present when my automatic default is a comparison machine?

I hate that my machinery needs to judge and compare so I can feel better about myself. It makes me tired and I need all my good energy, I have no time to waste it on crap like that. Everything that you compare in the present, makes you block out the past.

You say it takes something! That’s because your machinery doesn’t want you or me to be present, it wants us to live in the past, dwelling on our fucked up stories to sabotage our future life. The problem is, we think we have a choice. Sorry… bad news, we have no choice, we are in the trap. The screen of our minds is on rewind and there is nothing we can do but accept and acknowledge it.

Writer: Rohan Merry

Editor: Ben Roberts

Start Before You Are Ready

How many times have you had a great idea only to never actually create it? I think this is because we are naturally programmed to get it right and when we don’t think we can we don’t even make an attempt to start.

Too often I see people with magnificent ideas, and that’s all they ever are, an idea. They spend a couple of weeks lining all their ducks up in a row and making plans and when the last duck won’t line up that’s it, they quit before they even start.

To all of you sitting on your great idea, you know the one… Yes the one that has never seen the light of day. It’s time to start even if you don’t feel ready, because once you start, things will always fall into place.

Remember this: You don’t have to get it right…. but you have to get it going.

Be courageous and start today, there is magic in just starting a project. It may just grow into something far better than you could ever even imagine right now if you just start.

Stop being gutless, its time to start and we both know it

Writer: Rohan Merry

Editor: Ben Roberts